Tuesday, June 14, 2022

June 14 - Technical Difficulties

I have not given up on this blog already.  It's taking me longer than expected to get back in the swing of things.  There are still some technical issues with this site that I'm having trouble with, which is frustrating because I never had issues before.  For one, it won't keep me signed in like it used to.  It won't let me reply to comments because it won't keep me signed in.  It's not even sending comments to my email.  Grrr.

I also found that photos I thought I had ready for some posts . . . are gone.  I must have taken them with my phone and eventually deleted them because I thought I had also had them on my regular camera.  So I'll have to take photos all over again to be able to do some haul and wax review posts.

But I haven't given up!

And Liz, I was just thinking about you the other day!!!  We need to get caught up again.  Since Blogger won't let me comment at the moment, and I don't know if you use Messenger anymore, I wanted to at least acknowledge your comment here.

I will be back soon with a proper new post!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June 7 - Introduction

I'd like to do a bit of an introduction before actually diving into 'real' posts.  So, my name is Deb.  I am 55 years old.  I'm married (32 years tomorrow), and have two grown sons.  I live in Wisconsin, was born and raised here, and have actually lived in this same area all my life.  I was diagnosed as diabetic eight months ago.  That's been quite a life changer.

I was a blogger for over ten years but quit a few years ago when I was going through some mental stuff.  I regretted it almost immediately but tried to stay away, thinking I was just missing the habit and routine of it more than anything.  Eventually I did try to start another blog, gave up quickly, tried again a while later, gave up again.  It's not as easy to get going as it was all those years ago.  Social media has really changed the way people treat the internet.  I think there have also been technical changes to how Blogger/Blogspot works.  It used to be I could just post something and people would find it.  Now it appears I have to actually go behind the scenes and manually get the blog registered and included in search engines . . . ???  I've found I just really miss blogging though, and the interaction with followers, so I'm going to see what I need to do to properly get this one going.

Anyway, my old blog was a mix of things depending on whatever I was interested at the time.  It's most successful days were when I was very much into scented wax and ordering from indie vendors.  I also had phases where I was very into books or movies, when I was into soap making, just a variety of things.  And through it all I was doing a sort of daily journal type of posting.  That's what this blog will probably be like too.  I'll do wax hauls and reviews as I have them, book reviews now and then (I don't read as much as I used to), shopping hauls, maybe some recipes, holiday and seasonal decor posts, all mixed with the daily journal type posts.

One reason I quit my original blog and gave up my recent attempts to restart is because I thought my posts were too random and varied, that my life was too boring.  Lately though, I've really been into a few YouTubers who have seemingly boring lives yet it's so interesting, almost soothing in a way, to see these other people just living their simple, everyday lives.  And that's what has made me give in once again and decide to try getting a new blog going.

Since you're already reading this, I hope you stick around!  I'd love if you'd leave comments along the way so I know you're here.

Monday, June 6, 2022

June 6 - I'm Back


I'm back!
 (Again?!  Yes, I know . . . )
 I was a blogger for over ten years but quit and deleted it while going through some mental stuff a few years ago.  I've tried a couple times to start new blogs, but I've also tried to just stay away from it all.  Truth is though, I just miss it!  So I'm giving it another shot, and I'm going back to my old name and style.

So let's get this ball rolling, shall we?