Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Feb. 28 - Rage

Good morning.  This last day of February is starting out sunny here in Wisconsin.  Temps yesterday stayed above freezing, which kept all the ice that the rain was creating in a slushy state.  Temps dipped enough overnight that it all froze, but we're supposed to be near 40 today so that will help melt in again.  I'm hoping the sun melts enough of it, at least off the roads, before I have to head over to my mom's this morning.

So, yeah, I ended up not going to my mom's yesterday because of the wet and icy conditions.  My arm is so much better, I was not about to risk another fall!  But . . . UGH . . . my mom's reaction sent me into a rage yesterday morning.  She KNEW there was a chance I wouldn't come depending on the weather.  We had talked about it on the phone a couple days before.  Yet when I called to let her know, she started reacting (like she always does) like she's going to die, like she's out of every bit of food and will have to start eating cardboard to survive, like I'm being lazy and trivial for not getting over there.  AAARGH!!!!!  A couple other unrelated things yesterday morning helped fuel the rage but yeah, the phone call to her was the spark that blew it all up.  It took a lot of effort to not take it out on her but man, when I got off the phone I was crazy angry.

It took some venting in messages to hubby and some silly behavior from the cat to start to settle me down.  Boychild2 showed up unexpectedly around noon, laundry in hand, and that really helped get my mind on other things and helped me mellow out.  He's on vacation this week because his favorite video game is releasing a new expansion today, and he and his gamer friends are super excited about it.  So he was here all afternoon yesterday, had supper with us, and headed back home before it got dark and started to freeze everything.

I absolutely have to get to my mom's today because I cannot deal with her reactions if I were to delay it one more day.  Once again, that bigger picture of 'Why does it all fall to me?!' comes into play.  Not only do I get mad at my siblings who could step up and help out, but I get mad at my mom for not asking them too.  No, EVERYTHING is automatically deferred to me.  Nevermind, Mom and everyone, that I'm dealing with a freakin' arm fracture here!  I'll go ahead and drop everything I'm dealing with and rush to your aid, even though I know you probably have plenty of everything to last probably two weeks or more.

Well, I guess my rage isn't quite gone yet.

And I had no intention of ranting like this when I started this post, but I guess that's what I needed to do so I'll just leave it at that and go try to get a few things done before I have to head over there.

Wish me luck!!!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Feb. 27 - Debbie Downer On A Rainy Monday

We've arrived at Monday once again, another week of this year crossed off the calendar already.  It's 33 and raining like a bugger here in Wisconsin this morning.  I like that the rain will get rid of the snow we got last week but it's turning it into ice before it truly melts away, and well, we know how I feel about ice these days.  I think the roads are probably okay because those were already clear, but things like driveways and walkways, which might have still had snow on them, those are like skating rinks.  I'm trying to decide if I'll go to my mom's today, will wait until closer to the time I usually leave here and see how it looks.

Had a strained weekend with Hubby.  It started Friday afternoon after he got home from work.  I think we both just reached our breaking point with things being piled on us, things going on, and we sort of took it out on each other with snipping and snapping and short tempers.  Well, he'd had several extra beers when he stopped to pick up his dad's grocery list, and I absolutely hate when he's drinking.  Anyway, we were mad Friday evening.  Saturday we didn't see much of each other because I went shopping and then he went to take groceries to his dad and stayed to play cards, as usual.  We were still cool to each other that evening.  It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that things started to get back to normal.  We didn't play our wizard game at all this weekend!  Doh!

My arm is doing SO much better now.  Friday I noticed big improvement, and then again yesterday (Sunday) all the sudden in the afternoon it was like night and day difference in how much better it felt.  I don't know if it had been slightly dislocated and moved back into place, or if the fluid in the joint has just gone down enough now, but I was suddenly able to do so much more that even earlier in the day.  There are still some sensitive areas if I twist my wrist too far or fast, or if I bend my elbow really far/tight to me.  I still can't use a lot of force, like to open a jar, but it's all improving every day.  The bruising is almost gone, just some green-yellow marks where the worst of it had been.  Oh my gosh, I'm so happy and thankful it's getting better.  It's been absolutely frustrating!  And then all sorts of downer thoughts came creeping into my head during this healing time, like am I being punished for something?  Why are these things happening to me?  Am I not grateful enough in my everyday life that these are reminders to me?  Yeah, those lovely head games.

And then I read a sad post on a blog I follow.  The writer was telling about a disheartening weekend getaway she'd had with a church group, how she'd felt like an outsider.  This really got to me and I admit I cried because I could relate.  Now that I'm older, and especially since I've quit working, I tend to look at past relationships with new eyes.  I've said plenty of times here that I have no friends in real life.  When I was working I thought I had friends, there were people I was quite close to and had lots of fun with . . . at work.  When I quit working, NO ONE reached out to me, and still haven't in the nearly four years since.  If I run into someone from work when I'm out and about, like at Walmart, they're always friendly and willing to chat and ask how I am, but in general, nothing.  Just like my family.  And then I think back to my school days and I see the same things with my older, wiser eyes.  I used to think I had friends and got along with everyone, but now I think maybe I was just being tolerated.  This all moves into a whole deeper subject about how I was raised, but that's for a different time because this post is already depressing enough.

Back to the not having friends thing.  I'm aware that studies show you live a longer, happier life if you have friends and a good circle of support.  I'm also a believer that being alone does not always mean being lonely.  If it's stressful to be around people (social anxiety, etc.) then maybe it's healthier to be alone and happy . . . ?  People always suggest to me that I should just join some groups or go do some activities, and I'll make friends that way.  Well, this other blogger's experience is exactly why I don't jump all over that idea.  All the other people seem to know each other already.  Friends sign up for these activities together.  I would always feel like an outsider, which would then be worse than not having tried the activities in the first place.  When my kids were small and wanting to try different things like Cub Scouts, I was so excited and gladly took them to these things but even there, it was always like I was invisible.  The boys might know other kids from school, and all the other parents would seem to know each other and hang out laughing and talking, and I'd always be alone, counting the minutes until 'this dumb meeting' was over.  So no, "Just join some groups!" is not a solution.  Reading that other blogger's post just hurt my heart so bad because I know exactly how she felt.

Alright, enough of that downer stuff.  I really didn't intend to be so deep on a Monday morning.  The rain made me do it!  

And speaking of that rain, in the time I've been writing this the sun has come up more and I've had a better look outside.  I still think the roads might be okay but our porch, sidewalk, driveway, yard, is a complete ice rink.  The rain is still coming down and the wind is still strong.  I think I'm staying home today!  I'll call my mom later and tell her we'll wait and see what tomorrow morning looks like.
How was your last weekend of February?
Is it raining where you are?
Are you a social butterfly?
(I know from reading your blogs that most of you are,  hehe.)

Friday, February 24, 2023

Feb. 24 - Glasses & Arms

Happy Friday!  It's a cold one here, only 2 degrees with a 'feels like' -9.  It's so pretty though!  There is still a sort of glaze over most things outside, sparkling now as the sun comes up.  The sky has soft yellows and pinks this morning, making me think of Easter.  The bird feeders are empty though, and the birds are waiting.  Maybe later, guys.

Yesterday was so frustrating with all my arm twinges and pinching and various weird sensations.  Wasn't comfortable in the sling, wasn't comfortable out of it.  It still feels like it's improving, but yesterday I found I was having pain right at my wrist, which had not been an issue in all of this before.  Ugh, my doctor appointment on Tuesday can't come soon enough!

Hubby got our weirdly drifted driveway cleared out yesterday and then went to get his new glasses.  Turns out he's having the same problem with them that I had with my new ones after I got out of the hospital.  They told me at the time that it was just because my eyes were changing so much from the diabetes, but I don't believe them.  I mean, yeah, my eyes were changing so much, so fast during those first few months, but the problem I was having with the new glasses, *I felt* had more to do with the progressive lens.  You know the no-line biofocal type, where the top of the lens is for distance then it blends into the near vision on the bottom.  I couldn't wear them and when my eyes finally did settle down I had them change the lenses to just single vision.

Hubby doesn't have the eyes changing from diabetes thing but from what he described, it sounds like the same progressive lens issue I felt I had.  We've both had progressive lenses before, but I think the problem this time is that we both chose smaller frames.  It seems like maybe there isn't enough room in smaller lenses to accommodate those different areas of vision strength.  He had to quit wearing them after just a couple hours yesterday.  He's going to try them again today but we're both doubtful they'll work out.  Since his vision barely changed from his last exam, and his glasses were still in good shape, I told him to see if he can return these new ones.  Or at least switch them to single vision.  Remember, these are the ones he went all out on, over $800!  No way is he just going to set them aside with a shrug and a 'They don't work.'  Grrrrr!

Okay, I want to play my free game for a bit this morning and I can already feel my forearm getting a bit sore just from typing this, so I'll leave you here.

Any plans for this weekend?
No plans here.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Feb. 23 - Our Weekly Snowstorm

Well, we survived our weekly snowstorm.  It's 25 (feels like 13) and cloudy as the sun comes up.  Not much going on at the moment weather-wise but the weather advisory continues until noon or so.  They're saying on the news that this area got 10" of snow.  Hard to tell when you look outside though, because it's drifted so much from the windy day we had.  There are bare spots in the yard, and there are drifts nearly as tall as my car.

We were on the southern edge of the storm, so we got less snow but more sleet.  Everything is sort of crunchy outside, not that I've been out there. LOL

Boychild1 got out of work early yesterday afternoon.  Boychild2 works 2nd shift and would have been driving both to and from work in the worst hours of the storm so he just called in yesterday.  Hubby had a full day and got home okay yesterday but is home today.  They're recommending people don't travel today and he's all for that, so he called in.  He'll go plow our drifts later today, and go pick up his way too expensive glasses later as well.  And we'll probably play our wizard game most of the rest of the day.
One of us needs to do dishes though.  They're piling up again.  He keeps offering but I don't see him just jumping in and doing it.  lol
Today is Boychild2's actual birthday.  We celebrated it this past weekend but today is the actual day.  And it's funny because he was born during a multi-day snowstorm back in 1994, and here we are in a multi-day snowstorm once again.  Remembering the weather the day he was born is always my reminder that winter still packs plenty of punch even in late February.
Some of the bruising on my arm as of Tuesday afternoon.  The worst is at the bottom, which you can only partially see here.  There is also lighter bruising on the other side of my elbow.

Typing is one of the things that really bothers my forearm, and I absolutely hate trying to peck it out one handed, so I'll end this here and get on with my day.

Was Mother Nature brutal in your area?

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Feb. 22 - Snow, Stiffness, & TV Shows

Good morning!  It's a cloudy, blah looking day here in Wisconsin as Mother Nature tries to decide what to do.  We did get some snow overnight, just lightly covering the ground at this point, and I think with some sleet mixed in.  The official weather advisory doesn't start till a bit later this morning though, so we'll see what happens.  I've heard the bulk of it will move north of us (Yay!) but that will leave us with more of the 'mixed precipitation.'  Ugh.

I'm getting all kinds of confused about my arm now.  Monday I felt like I overused it, so yesterday I made sure to just rest it as much as I could.  Well in not using it, it stiffened up and got so sore!  Today I guess I'll try a mix.  Originally I was hoping they wouldn't say I need physical therapy.  I don't want that hassle and we really don't need that expense.  But now I'm thinking I'll probably be stuck going, just the way my arm is feeling and acting.  I don't know, I have almost a week before my followup appointment, so I'll see if I can gently keep it loosened up.

So in my efforts to not use my arm yesterday, I ended up kicking back to watch TV.  I couldn't find anything interesting enough on at the time so I was looking through what we have on the DVR.  It's been recording a series called John Adams, so I tried to watch that.  I really don't know much about the Revolutionary War (?) period in American history.  It's just never interested me.  And this show didn't grab me either.
I tried again to get into Mayfair Witches.  Are any of you watching this show?  It seems like it would totally be my thing, witches and all, but I just can't get into it!  I've given it multiple tries over many weeks, watching the first episode probably three times in an effort to find some connection.  I've forced myself to continue watching, thinking it might finally click with me after a couple episodes.  Nope, I started watching episode #5 yesterday and admitted defeat.  I feel no connection to the characters, don't really understand the story, and nothing about it is drawing me in.  The show is based on an Ann Rice trilogy of books.  Maybe it's an Ann Rice thing.  I was never able to get into Interview With The Vampire either.

I considered re-watching Cruel Summer.  It's described as 'Told over three summers in the 1990s, a girl goes missing and another mysteriously takes over her life. I've kept this on our DVR for nearly two years now because I absolutely love it!  I'd heard early on that there would be a second season but now I'm hearing it probably won't happen.  Honestly, I think the story is rather complete with just one series.  I haven't been able to find the show on DVD though, so I keep it on the DVR.  If you haven't seen this one, see if you can find it on some streaming site and watch!  Ohhhh, so much to discuss with this one.

In the end I decided to re-watch this show called From.  Described as 'In a nightmarish town in middle America that traps everyone who enters, unwilling residents strive to stay alive and search for a way out, but they are plagued by the terrifying nocturnal creatures from the surrounding forest, and secrets hidden in the town itself.'  Ohhhhh my gosh, I love this creepy show!  We stumbled across it nearly a year ago after seeing commercials for it but it was on a channel we don't get.  Amazingly, there was a free weekend for that channel about a month later and we were able to get the entire first season recorded.  I looked it up yesterday and found there is indeed a 2nd season coming in April, and although we still don't get that channel, we're hoping there will be a free weekend again.

Here is the official trailer for the 1st season:

This show reminds me of Lost, and Lost was probably my biggest obsession ever back in its day.  Some of the Lost creators are involved with this show, and even 'Micheal' from Lost stars in this show.  It has that same creepy, 'everything is a clue' vibe.  There is some blood and gore but if you like creepy, mysterious shows, check this one out!  And if you have seen it, we must talk!  

So I ended up re-watching the first two or three episodes yesterday and loved every minute of it.  I'm seeing things differently now after having seen the whole season.  Like I said, 'everything is a clue.'  I'm going to watch more today.  I'm scribbling down notes as I watch this time, and hoping to do a whole post about this show.  Or maybe I'll include thoughts in each daily post.  Not sure yet.

Didn't do much else yesterday.  When hubby got home we had a light supper so there aren't a lot of dishes piling up, and played our wizard game for a while.  I didn't sleep all that great last night, so maybe I'll allow myself a nap this afternoon.  lol

Our snow has started here.  I'm not setting one foot outside in that mess today!  LOL

Let me know if you've seen any of the shows I mentioned, or if you'll watch them now that I've clued you in to them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Feb. 21 - Sore Arm & Mardi Gras

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I'm so clueless about Mardi Gras that I had look it up.  Apparently it's a day to celebrate and over indulge in pleasures that will be given up for Lent.  Not sure how flashing boobs for beads fits into all that.  Do people give up flashing their boobs for Lent?  LOL

Anyway, it's quite cold and windy on this day before our weekly snowstorm.  It's 17 and cloudy here.  This weekly storm trend is getting old.  This will be the third week in a row that we get a bunch of snow, then it warms up and melts it all away, just to repeat the cycle the following week.  We're all so over it, Mother Nature!

I think I over used my arm yesterday.  It's quite stiff and sore today.  Ooooh, maybe I can legit blame aching bones on the weather this time?!  The bruising that I thought was already fading yesterday fooled me and expanded hugely throughout the rest of the day.  It does look better this morning though, already yellowing in some areas.

I made my followup appointment yesterday, as the ER doctor instructed.  I'll be seeing an ortho surgeon next week Tuesday.  'Surgeon' kinda freaks me.  Does it mean nothing, and he's just giving a more informed exam because that's his field?  I mean, no one seemed overly concerned in the ER that night, no head shaking 'Ooh, that looks pretty bad' type reactions.  Someone put my mind at ease!

My new glasses have been in for a couple days now. I also really need to refill several prescriptions, so I'm hoping to make it to town and get that all done today, before the weather sets in tomorrow.

This week's episode of Last of Us was a tearjerker!  Everyone said episodes 3 & 5 were the hard ones.  Nope.  This one, for me, was super emotional.  Love it.  And who would think, coming from a fungi-zombie show??

Well, I'm typing this one handed today and it sucks so I'll make it a short one.

What are you indulging in today?  hehe

Monday, February 20, 2023

Feb. 20 - A Trip To Urgent Care

Hello!  Happy Monday.  Happy Presidents' Day if you're into that or have the day off.  Got all your Presidential decor out?  lol  It's a sunny but chilly morning here in Wisconsin, 20 now and heading to 40 for a high.  There is a coating of frost on everything, making it look sparkly outside as the sun comes up.

Soooo, yeah.  Guess who broke her arm Friday afternoon?

Yep, that would me.  I was walking out to get the mail, marveling at how pretty the snow from the day before looked, and -WHOOSH- hit some ice that was under that fluffy snow and feet flew out from under me so fast I couldn't even react.  Landed on my elbow.  Immediately thought 'OMG, MY ARM IS BROKEN!' and then lay there for a moment, stunned.  Managed to get up and take stock of everything.  I had not hit my head.  I didn't really feel pain anywhere.  My arm wasn't dangling in some unnatural way.  -PHEW- Slowly continued to the mailbox, and made it back to the house.

My elbow didn't feel right, but it wasn't exactly pain.  Once I was back in the house I sent a message to Hubby about it, then sat down to try and calm down, and watch some TV.  I had my arm laying on a pillow next to me.  I couldn't see any marks or obvious injuries so I thought ok, maybe it was just the shock of banging it when I landed.  When I got up a little later to do something, I could really tell something was just not right with it.  I messaged Hubby again, said I thought I should probably go to Urgent Care and at least get it checked out.  He was almost done with work by then and I wasn't in real pain or crisis, so he finished his shift.  I took three ibuprofen and sat down with an ice pack while I waited.  By the time he got home my arm was really stiffening up, could hardly move it, but just in general there was still no pain.

The Urgent Care and Emergency Room at our hospital is the same place.  They just bill and prioritize you according to what they think the situation calls for.  We spent a total of three hours there, and most of that time was just waiting.

The doctor who saw me asked a lot of questions, did some poking and prodding all along my arm, asking if there was "Any pain here?  Here?  Here?"  The only slightly painful spot was right around my elbow.  She said she thought it was just a muscular injury from the impact.  She said they could do x-rays if I wanted, to rule out any breaks.  My mind instantly went to cost because we've been slammed with some large expenses lately, and our insurance is a high deductible plan.  I asked if she felt confident that it was muscular.  She said she did, but reminded me she can't be 100% sure.  I asked what treatment that would involve, then was considering when she changed her mind and said, "Ya know what, let's just do the x-ray to be sure."

So I sat forever again, waiting.  They came and got me, did the x-rays, took me back to the room to wait another eternity while the radiologist looked at the x-rays.  When the doctor finally came back, she stepped into the room and said, "Well, my dear, you have a fracture."


"And you have fluid in the (elbow) joint, but that's probably from the impact.  That's the body's way of protecting, by rushing fluid to the area."

She showed me the x-rays and on only one of the four images could I clearly see the mark.  I asked her where exactly on my arm that is, because I couldn't tell which way the image was compared to my actual arm.  She explained there are two main bones in the forearm, and my fracture is right at the base of the inner bone where it meets the elbow joint.  It's like a crack running down into the center, like splitting a log, and not an actual break across the bone.  Owie!  But I suppose that's . . . good?

First she said treatment would either be a splint or just a sling.  She was waiting for the ortho doctor to call her back.  After that call came, she came back to say that because I wasn't in pain we could just do a sling if I wanted.  Otherwise it would be a shoulder to wrist cast with my arm in a straight position.  No!  Noooo way!  I opted for the sling.

They sent me home with instructions to take Tylenol or Advil, ice it, elevate it, rest it, and call Monday morning to make a followup visit with an ortho doctor.  They told me some exercises to do, mainly a sort of 'empty the glass' rotating action because I might have diminished mobility in my elbow after this.  But other than that, no wrap or anything, just a sling.  The limits in my range of motion right now are more from the fluid and swelling along the back/underside of my elbow, where it got bashed when I landed.  The fracture is on top.

So that was Friday.  Saturday it was feeling somewhat better.  It felt great in the morning after a night of sleep where my arm probably also relaxed.  Hubby drove me to get the grocery shopping done, then he went to his dad's, as usual.  When he got home we tried to play our wizard game but were both so tired and feeling really blah.  I thought, 'Great, did we catch something from the ER last night?'  There were a lot of sick little kids in there.  We each ended up laying down for a nap.  I got up an hour later, took my insulin and had a bite to eat but was feeling even worse and went back to bed for a while longer.  Hubby was up the next time I got up but we both still felt blah.  I stayed awake a for a bit, took my next insulin and ate a bit again, and went to bed for the night.  I slept pretty solid all night.

Sunday (yesterday) I got up feeling great.  My arm felt great, relaxed.  There was still swelling but the bruising was finally starting to appear.  I carefully did some things that needed to be done, like laundry.  Hubby helped when he had to.  We were having the boys over for Boychild2's birthday, and were finally going to have the tacos we'd not been able to have on Christmas.  lol  The swelling reduced and bruising increased as the day went on.  I was getting more and more use back into it but still had limits.  I 'put it to bed' in it's sling whenever I could, but would take it out for a while to stretch it and do small things.

Boychild2 was late for his own party.  Typical for him but still rude.  lol  It wasn't really a party anyway.  Just the four us plus a friend of Boychild1.  Ate our tacos and small pieces of a tiny slab of store bought cake, he opened his gifts, and we chatted while watching Last of Us, then the boys were all anxious to get back to their homes cuz they're all currently playing that new Harry Potter game.  Still, it was a fun little gathering.  Hubby and I played our own wizard game after they left, had leftover tacos for supper.

This morning the swelling has really gone down in my arm.  The bruising is dark and huge but looks like that is also diminishing already.  It's getting a lot easier to do the simple little things I couldn't do even two days ago, but I'm still leery of doing too much, knowing that bone is cracked.  It's hard to do motions that really bend at the elbow, like if I were to raise a drink to my mouth, or anything with a movement like rotating and bending and lifting to my face.  But extending is getting easier, there is some strength back in my grip already, that 'empty the glass' exercise is a bit easier.  And there is a bit of pain finally in the actual area of the fracture.  Maybe all the swelling was hiding that?

Oh, and it was thankfully my left arm!  LOL

So yeah, I already talked to my mom and said I wouldn't be coming to her place this week because I don't think I have the grip strength or movement to drive.  We've cancelled her doctor appointment that was later this week.  There is another snowstorm coming that day anyway.  My sister-in-law will help Mom get groceries this week.  And I am going to freakin' relax and enjoy a week at home!  Might do a puzzle again, even though I thought puzzle season was done.  Might just nap on the couch, watch the TV shows and movies I'm wanting to post about, get some extra free game time in.  Although, it hurts my arm after a while of using the keyboard, like now after banging out this long post.

But yay for frikken winter weather and demon ice hiding under sparkly beautiful fresh fallen snow.

Hope you all had a much safer weekend than I did!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Feb. 17 - Picky Birds

Happy Friday!  It's a cheerfully bright and sunny morning here in Wisconsin. Cold though, only 6 degrees now, with only a mid-20s high expected for the day.  We did get a few inches of snow yesterday.  It's the light and fluffy kind, and a lot of it has drifted.  When our temps rise to the 40s again, starting this weekend, it will quickly clear this latest white blanket away . . . again.  It's going to be a very mushy, muddy spring.
I decided to try a Mardi Gras blog theme for the rest of the month.  I just grabbed a few free images from Google because I was ill prepared.  We'll see how I like it.  I'm not into Mardi Gras at all, don't even know what it's about besides nonstop partying for a while.  lol  A supervisor that I used to have at work was totally into it, and would travel down to New Orleans every year for it.
I finally finished the most recent puzzle we'd been working on.  Actually, I don't think Hubby worked on this one at all.  It sat a lot longer than previous ones because I've been occupied with other things.  This will probably be the last one of 'puzzle season.'  It will be sometime in the fall, usually around Thanksgiving, when the urge hits us again.  I'd like to start watching some of the shows and movies I've been putting off, doing some posts about them.  I tend to not watch when I'm working on puzzles though, usually only listen, so that's why true crime shows are my go-to background noise during puzzle time.  But yeah, now that I'm done with puzzles, it's time to plow through those movies and shows.
Hubby made it through work yesterday, said his back was feeling much better.
I took care of a few more responsible things yesterday before escaping into my free game.  It's like for every thing I take care of, another one pops up.  I made an appointment for myself, and then had to message my mom's doctor about her upcoming appointment.  And then wait all day to hear back.  I sweep the laundry room floor to clean up all the litter that Minion tracks out of the litter box, and turn around to find he's yanked a plant right out of the pot in the kitchen.  Calgon, take me away!!!  (Who's old enough to remember that?  lol)
This morning I've already been out to refill all the bird feeders.  They'd been empty almost two days and the little feathered friends were frantically trying to stock up as the snowstorm set in.  I can't find a seed mix that works anymore.  I used to just use the cheapest mix but they'd leave all those tiny little brown round seeds in the bottom of the feeder.  I switched to an expensive 'no waste' blend but oddly enough, it wouldn't flow through the feeder easily enough and kept clogging the little openings.  I went to a mid-range price blend and they just leave the shelled sunflower seeds behind.  I've even tried mixing the cheap and the expensive, mainly for the 'flowability.'  Maybe I'm creating the pickiness in these birds, and should adopt the old "You'll eat what you're given or go hungry!" way of doing things.  lol
Nearly 8:00am already and my game is calling to me.
Have a good one!
Any plans for the weekend?

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Feb. 16 - Nothing Exciting

Hello!  A cloudy and cold Thursday morning here in Wisconsin.  It's 26 but feels like 15.  Almost all of the snow we got a week ago is gone thanks to the warm weather and rain we've had, but of course we aren't lucky enough to stay that way.  Nope, we have another storm coming today.  I've given up trying to follow how much snow we might get.  They keep changing it almost hourly, and the predictions vary so much.  So we'll just we're getting snow today . . . maybe.
I'm not sure what to do about my blog background and theme now that Valentine's is over.  I'd originally planned to just leave it all month, but now I'm wanting something else but don't know if I want to switch back to my winter theme.  Too soon for a spring theme though.  Carnival/Mardi Gras, perhaps?  When is that anyway?  Hmm.
Yesterday was pretty mellow.  I mentioned yesterday that Hubby was home with a sore back.  He spent quality time with the heating pad, and we played our wizard game most of the day.  I did laundry and some other small things whenever we took breaks to move around.  He's feeling better today, enough to go back to work at least.  It's nice having someone besides the cat here to talk to but man, it really threw off my routine having him home in the middle of the week.  LOL
I forgot to mention something yesterday.  Tuesday, when I took my mom to Walmart, I think I saw a girl vlogging in the store.  I was so curious, because now I want to know if this local girl has a YouTube channel, and I want to check it out.  lol  It didn't look like she was just doing a video chat.  Just the way she was holding the phone, trying to show the kids clothes and herself, and talking somewhat discreetly but with a big ol' smile, hair and makeup all done up nicely.  Vlogging, I'm sure.
Well, I barely got to play my free game yesterday because of Hubby screwing up routine, so I'm hoping to put extra time and effort into it today.  Uh, yeah, another of those Ignore Adulting days that I'm indulging in too much lately.  And then I'll be all whiny when all the adult responsibilities pile up again.  One good thing about these daily journal posts is there is accountability.  You all can scold me later when that happens.  hehe
I'm behind on visiting other blogs and on replying to comments here.  I'm going to work on that quick, then I'm losing myself in my free game world.
Have a great day!

Melted - Country Berry Hot Cakes (Beezy Tarts)

Country Berry Hot Cakes - 'Fluffy hot cakes, topped with freshly sliced fruit, & sticky syrup.'
Another yummy bakery scent from Beezy Tarts,  this one is similar to Jelly Donut but is a bit warmer, more of the doughy bakery notes.  There is some sweetness from the syrup, and a bit of fruity sweetness but nothing distinct.  It's more of a rich, warm and cozy bakery scent.

I melted about 0.5 oz worth of this tart in my tea light warmer and had medium strength with good throw.  I would love for this to be a bit stronger but it was still good on this slightly lighter level.

This would be a great scent if you're wanting something gentle and homey.  I would buy this one again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Feb. 15 - Walmart Browsing & Sore Back Hubby

Hello!  It's 43 degrees already this morning but it's cloudy, wet, rainy, windy . . . so of course our internet is feeling sluggish.  I really do wonder if water gets into that little box outside.  I've mentioned that before, but have yet to actually go check.  I guess I'm just used to crappy rural internet.

Did you all have a lovely Valentine's Day?  Any new engagements, hehe?  As usual, nothing Valentine-y happened here.  I'll be packing up my massive amounts of Valentine's decorations after I get this posted.  That was sarcasm, if you're new here.  I don't even have enough decorations to fill a small shopping bag.  lol

Yesterday I did indeed go back to my mom's.  We'd planned to go to Walmart if she was feeling better and yes, she was feeling better.  She had a gift card and some Christmas money she wanted to spend, and she just needs to start getting out and about again.  She couldn't find any clothes she liked but did pick up several other random things she wanted.  Although I didn't buy anything for myself, it was nice to be able to just take my time and look at things for a change.  Usually I'm so rushed, grocery shopping for three people and hurrying to get back home.  But yesterday I was able to see several new wax scents that interest me, noticed they finally have men's v-neck t-shirts in spring colors, and even saw a purse I might get this weekend.  I'm soooo not a purse person, never carried one until maybe two years ago and it's only a very small one.  With having to carry extra stuff for diabetes now, I need something bigger but still don't want some huge thing.  So I think I'm going to get that one I looked at briefly yesterday.  Yay me!

When I got back home after shopping, I got caught up on Y&R and Last of Us, worked on the puzzle a bit, and played the free version of UO (Ultima Online).  When Hubby got home we played our other game (Wizard101) and had supper.  We got our current characters up to level 100, which is where we've been stopping and switching to lesser characters.  So today we'll start working 'new' characters to bring them up to level 100 too.

The eye doctor office called yesterday and said part of my order is in, just the one lens, not my other pair of 'computer' glasses.  I'll wait until that pair comes, and then just make one trip.  Hopefully it's today, because snow is supposedly coming tomorrow.

Well, Hubby his home today with a sore back and he's anxious to sit with a heating pad and play our wizard game, so I'll post this and get on with my day.

Anything exciting happening in your world lately?

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Well, if that's a thing for you.  It's not for us in this house.  In the first few years Hubby and I were together we did celebrate, but even then it was nothing grand.  When the boys were in elementary school it was fun to get ready for their little class parties, and to see the loot they hauled home.  But as time went on, Hubby and I just sort of fizzled away on the Valentine's sentiment.  I did buy a 6-pack of Reeses peanut butter hearts and have handed them out to Hubby and the boys, my mom and one brother, and Hubby's dad.  Oh, and I wrote a quick note on a bit of scrap paper, 'I suppose I still like you after all these years,' and tossed it in his lunch box.  LOL
It's 32 and cloudy on this sappy holiday morning in Wisconsin.  High of 46 predicted today, but rain will start this afternoon.  Tomorrow night through Thursday we'll get more snow, anywhere from 3-8" according to the always exaggerated weather forecast.
I went to my mom's yesterday, the usual Monday routine.  Did her grocery shopping, did her laundry, played just a bit of Yahtzee.  She said she had barely slept the night before and would take a nap in the afternoon, so I left early.  If she's feeling better today I'll go back and take her to Walmart.  She has a gift card and some cash from Christmas that she wants to spend.  It's so funny, she's at that point where it's nearly impossible to pick a gift for her because she has everything she needs and no room left for knick knacks.  So gift cards were the best option for a while.  But now she never goes shopping and even with picking her own things, she doesn't know what to get herself because, yep, she has everything.  So she wants to go look around a bit and see if anything catches her eye.  She gets tired and worn out so quickly though since she never goes out anymore, doesn't get her exercise, and Walmart is a big store, so I think she's feeling intimidated about even just going.  Oh well, we'll see what happens.

So the eye doctor story I mentioned yesterday . . .   Last week I had a regular eye exam appointment.  Because of the diabetes, apparently I will get my pupils dilated each year.  My previous appointment was the first time I'd ever had that done.  Hubby had taken me last time because they suggest you don't drive after having that done, until you know how you handle it.  Neither of us could remember if it bothered me that first time, so Hubby took the day off work to be my driver again.  While I was back with the doctor and Hubby was waiting, he decided to make an appointment for himself because it's been a few years.  While he was still waiting for me someone called and cancelled their appointment so the girl offered to squeeze Hubby in right then.  LOL  The doctor brought me out to the lobby so the girl could put the dilation drops in my eyes, and took Hubby back for his exam.  Then when he was done, my eyes were dilated enough that they took me back again to finish my own exam.

I ended up picking new glasses.  Hubby had also picked new glasses.  Here is me, being all cheap, looking on the bargain rack, skipping all the scratch guard and fancy extras.  And here is hubby, whose eyes barely changed and whose glasses were still in good shape, getting every. stinkin'. extra. they had!  His total in the end was over $800!!!!!  As we were paying I said to him, "You were just supposed to drive me!" and we all had a good laugh.  The girl agreed and said, "That's why my husband doesn't go shopping with me!" and I was like, "YES!"  LOL

Oh, it was funny but at the same time I was kinda fuming.  Why, Hubby, whyyyyy?

It was also an interesting exam for me.  We don't have vision insurance.  They told us this time that since I'm diabetic my exams are covered by our regular medical insurance.  Well, that's cool.  Why didn't they realize this when I first got out of the hospital and was having to go back like every month because my eyes were changing so much?  I also found out that while my left has barely changed in the past year, my right eye has changed quite a lot.  So instead of getting a whole new pair of glasses, they're just changing the right lens and I'm keeping my same glasses.  I am getting new 'computer' glasses though.  I also have the start of a cataract in my right eye, and slight 'something' (forgot what he called it) deterioration.  I asked if it was from age or diabetes, he said both.  He didn't seem too concerned about it though.

And by the way, the dilation didn't bother me.

Well, I'm going to try getting a few things done before I head back to my mom's this morning.  If she decides she's not feeling up to going, I might just head to town myself anyway, and spend the Target gift card that I got for Christmas.

Here's hoping all you romantics have a sappy day.  =P

Monday, February 13, 2023

Feb. 13 - What Happened?

Hello!!!!  I'm back!  I think I might need to disappear for a bit again soon but for now, I'm back.  And I've missed blogging!  I missed it pretty much immediately after posting that I was taking a break, but I really needed to step away for a bit.  I'll tell you why in a moment.
First though, it is 29 and sunny on this Monday morning in Wisconsin.  We are heading for a high around 42 today.  Love it!  We did get hit with that storm that went through last week, got around 4 inches or so of thick, heavy snow.  Temps went up right after that and it's been in the low 40s for a couple days already but the snow is not melting very fast because it's so thick.  Well, I suppose it is melting, it's just not as noticeable.
So, what happened that I needed a break?  Life happened.  It got to a point where a million little things all piled up at once and it overwhelmed me.  A lot of the stuff was just small and simple, easy to take care of, but so much of it was thrown my way all at once.  Plus I have all these other interests that I'm struggling to find time for.  The balance between fun and responsibility got all out of whack.  It left me wondering how the heck I managed things when I was still working, and those were 12-hour shifts?!  Then I realized I actually wasn't managing all the things I am now.  I was helping my mom a bit back then but nothing to the extent I am now.  We weren't helping Hubby's dad back then.  I didn't have diabetes and all the associated things with that back then.  It seems I've just absorbed everyone's troubles since I quit working and have 'all that free time,' and it got to point where I vented to Hubby, "Why do I have to take care of everyone's crap?!"

I don't remember if I mentioned it before my break but it seems this is appointment season for us.  My car needed an oil change, I had an eye doctor appointment, my mom has a doctor's appointment, taxes needed to be done, needed new plates for my car, both of our cars' plates needed renewing, I have to renew my drivers license, I have my diabetes appointment coming up . . . and those are just things off the top of my head.  My mom is still having problems with the energy assistance program that helps pay her electric bill during the winter, and who is the one having to deal with it?  Me, because she just doesn't understand that kind of stuff.  Just anything and everything flying at me.

Plus, I'm absolutely hooked on that free version of one of the games I play.  Every free moment I have, I'm logging on to that game.  So when all these things are piling up and I can't play, it makes me cranky.  I try to hurry and get done what things I can at any particular time, so I can log on.  But then it all became an angry mess, a sort of chicken/egg thing.  Playing gives my angered mind a chance to settle down, but getting the things done gives me more time to play guilt-free.  Just a swirly, messy circle of head games.

But I have missed blogging!  I never did pick up a pen and notebook to do some personal journaling like I always hope to, so at least blogging will give me some sort of recorded history to look back on.  I'm also trying to get AdSense going, and doing that when the blog is sort of on hold wasn't making much sense.  I have been reading all the usual blogs I follow, but haven't really kept up with commenting. And now I'm nattering so much without really saying anything, and I have to head over to my mom's soon.  I'll hopefully have an entertaining story about the eye doctor appointment in tomorrow's post.

For now though, glad to be back at it!
Hope you're all doing well.
How have you been??

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Melted - Jelly Donut (Beezy Tarts)

Jelly Donut - 'Sugar, fried dough, sweet vanilla, and strawberry jam.'
As you might know by now, bakery scents are my favorite when it comes to scented wax.  Because of that, Jelly Donut sounded like a no brainer choice for me.  Mmmm, this is yummy! You get those fried dough notes, warmed with the vanilla, all fattening and delicious.  And then there is sweetness from the jelly filling and the sugar.  While you can tell there is that fruity note it's not distinct enough to recognize as strawberry.  The bakery notes of the dough are stronger.  A very nice, homey scent!

I melted about 0.5 oz. in my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent and throw.  This is slightly less than I usually use, and I'm glad to find it was still enough because now I know I can cut Beezy's tarts into thirds or quarters instead of just half, and get even more use for my money.  Yay!

I would buy this yummy scent from Beezy Tarts again.

Are you a bakery scent lover?

Read - Stars Above (Marissa Meyer)

Stars Above (A Lunar Chronicles Collection)
by Marissa Meyer
369 pages

The enchantment continues . . .

The universe of the Lunar Chronicles holds stories
and secretsthat are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did the brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and the palace guard Jacin realize their destinies?

With nine stories
five of which have never before been publishedand an exclusive never-before-seen excerpt from Marissa Meyer's novel, Heartless, about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Stars Above
is essential for fans of the bestselling and beloved Lunar Chronicles.


Years ago, when I used to read a lot more than I do now, I was well aware of the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer.  Those books (Cinder, Scarlet, etc.) were all the rage back when they started coming out, in 2012.  I've had them on my Amazon wish list since way back then but have yet to read them.  Doh!  I'm intrigued because they are a retelling of favorite old fairy tales but the futuristic twist is what's held me back.  Cyborgs.  Yes, there are cyborgs involved.

Back in 2018, I received this Stars Above book for Christmas.  At first I was like, 'Oh geez, so I'm starting with the last book?'  But this is actually just a collection of little side stories related to various main characters in the actual books.  I thought okay, this will be a way to see if I can tolerate the cyborg aspect, with these short stories.  And then the book sat unread four more years, until finally at the end of 2022 I picked it up because I'd been struggling with another book I was trying to read.

Cyborgs just aren't my thing.  Futuristic stuff like that does not interest me.  If it's futuristic I'd rather have dystopian stuff like Hunger Games or Divergent.  But these Lunar Chronicle little side stories weren't too bad.  I think it's still the intrigue of fairy tale retelling that made it okay for me.  There is still plenty of human element, not everyone is cyborg.  It was fun for me to figure out which classic character each story was about.  Scarlet is Little Red Riding Hood, Cinder is Cinderella, those were quite obvious, but then there were a few that I had to actually look up to see who they were meant to be.  So, not having read the actual books yet, this was a fun introduction even if it is meant to come later.

I'll admit, I still don't understand the cyborg thing.  I think in Cinder's case it was a way to save her after a childhood accident.  But in other cases it seemed like randomness, such as in Wolf's case, which was the one I liked the least.  In his little prequel story, the evil queen was building an army or something, and they turned boys into cyborgs, giving them the attack skills of wolves, jaws and fangs and all.  What?  Why?  Maybe it all makes sense to people who really enjoy that genre but to me, nope.

This collection of stories did show me that I enjoy Marissa Meyers' writing style though.  I don't think I've read anything by her before.  I'm still interested in reading all of the Lunar Chronicles books.  From these little companion stories it looks like there is still plenty of human world, with love stories and battling evil rulers.  I'm hoping the cyborg elements aren't too distracting for me when I eventually get around to reading the actual books.  To be honest, I didn't technically finish this Stars Above book.  I still had about 20 pages left when I gave up.  At that point it was a story that seems to come after the events of all the books, sort of wrapping everything up in typical happily ever after fairy tale style, so I decided I didn't need to read that yet.

I'm glad I finally read this, and I do hope to start reading the actual books.  Maybe this will be a series I actually get from the library instead of buying my own.  Still, it might be a while yet because I just started a beast of a novel (nearly 800 pages!) that I've been waiting for, and have a couple other books I got for Christmas I want to tackle first.  But I will get to the Lunar Chronicles one day!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Feb. 6 - Taking A Break

Good morning!  I'm popping on this morning to say I'll be taking a blogging break.  No clue how long it will be.  Everything is fine here, don't worry about that.  I've said before that blogging takes a good chunk of time, and right now I feel like it's cutting into time that I'd rather be doing other things.  I've also been thinking the past couple days that I'm not getting out of blogging what I'd hoped to be getting.  Blogland events last week have shown me that our pandemic changed society will never let me comfortably post opinions and things I really want to post.

I've mentioned before that I'd really like to do written journals but never seem to stick with it.  I'm going to give it a try again.  I'd like to have a regular daily journal like what I usually post here, and another deeper thoughts journal to get some things out of my head.  I'd like to (hopefully!) eventually be using fun colored pens, stickers, journal cards, all the fun little embellishments.  The thing is though, if I take all my daily journal type posts to personal journals, the things I'm left with posting here are either the things that will rub people the wrong way or things that I haven't found the right crowd for yet.  I appreciate all the new bloggy friends I've made in my return to blogging, but I can tell we don't have many shared interests.
I hate the idea of quitting blogging, so I'm just going to take this break and see how it goes, see where my interests take me.  I'll still be around to read and comment on your blogs when I have time.  But for now...
See you all later!

Friday, February 3, 2023

Feb. 3 - It's The Woke Folk Again

Today is our cold day.  We knew it was coming but dang, to see the real temp at -9 and wind chill temp at -26 is a jolt anyway.  We currently have a wind chill advisory until noon.  And I have an oil change appointment this morning.  Brrrrr!  Maybe my car won't even start and I can just stay home.
Temps jump up tomorrow and will be in the mid-upper 30s for the next week, so that's good.
Here is the latest puzzle.  I finished this one yesterday.  Only 750 pieces but still a nice enough challenge.  It's kind of a busy scene and the photo isn't great, but it's a farm garden scene.  Hubby picked the next puzzle already, which is kind of funny because I thought we might be done with them for a while.
So okay, something happened yesterday that really pissed me off and is still sort of a slow boil for me.  I'd just been talking a bit in yesterday's post about the woke folk, the social justice warriors, and how they don't stop and think before they jump all over something.  Well, on another blog I follow there was a new post about Harry's book and in the comments on the post there was a mix of people who are either for or against Harry & Meghan.  I think more were against, and it was mainly Meghan they are against.  That part is all fine, but then sure enough, here comes someone . . . posting anonymously, by the way . . . crying racism, and that no one would be attacking her if she wasn't black.  Um, no.  Racism has nothing to do with it.  If you're behaving badly, it doesn't matter what color your skin is or where you come from.  Bad behavior is bad behavior.  I wanted to fire back at this person but I didn't want to fuel those flames on some else's blog.  Other people did though, which I was secretly glad to see.  But there we go again, so quick to play the race card without stopping to look at the situation.
It just pisses. me. off.
And for the record, I am a Royal Watcher to some extent.  I loooooove Tudor history, love the long standing traditions of the monarchy even though they no longer have power.  I used to like Harry.  I loved the show Suits, which Meghan was known for first, but even then she sort of rubbed me the wrong way.  I was interested and intrigued when the two of them got together and I absolutely loved their wedding!  But then it all fall apart and I do believe she is the driving force behind all that.  On one hand, you could see it as Harry finally finding someone who gave him strength to break away.  Good for him if that's really what he needed for himself.  On the other hand, they claim they just needed to get away from that life to be able to live away from the paparazzi and scrutiny, yet they continue to keep putting themselves in the spotlight.  It's like they are determined to keep pushing their story to prove they were wronged or whatever they claim, like they haven't won over enough people so they keep trying.  To what end?  You wanted to break away and live your lives, so go do that!  I think I still like Harry, just not with Meghan stirring the pot.  (I have not read Spare, yet.  Not sure if I will.)
Once again, no one needs to come at me in the comments.  We are all entitled to our own opinions.
With that, I am off.  Like I said, I have to brave the cold for that car appointment, and then I'm hoping to play play play the free version of my game today.
Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Feb. 2 - I'm Fat Again

Happy Groundhog Day!  Like anyone celebrates that, heh.  How would one decorate for that?  Stuffed rodents scattered around the house?  Oooh, cut 'shadows' out of black construction paper?  lol  Anyway, it's fun to hear what the groundhog does or doesn't see each year but I don't put any stock in it.
It is 14 degrees, feels like 3, on this Thursday morning in Wisconsin.  They say it will be sunny again, and we'll get up to 19.  Temps will drop tonight and tomorrow but after that it looks like we'll jump back to temps in the mid-upper 30s for the next week or so.  Yay!
So, as the title of this post states, I'm fat again.  And this post will drift into something sort of related, but first let me mope about my weight.
Before I got sick and ended up in the hospital, I was at my heaviest weight, 225 pounds.  I've never been truly skinny but was usually at least a decent enough weight.  I suppose age, mid-life crisis, slower metabolism, etc. started to do its work, and then when I quit working and sat around eating all the worst things, well, fat happens.
In the eight months or so before I landed in the hospital, I lost 85 pounds.  Of course we know now that it was because of undiagnosed diabetes, but at the time it was like, 'Heyyyyy, this is pretty awesome!'  Then people started commenting on the weight loss and asking if I was okay.  I worried in the back of my mind too but I guess it was denial, or fear.  Then I ended up in the hospital with c*vid/pneumonia, and ketoacidosis.  I spent 13 days there.  When I came home I was down to 140 pounds.
I loved my new small size!  But I knew it was unhealthy weight loss.  I'd lost all muscle tone, had saggy skin, was weak and frail feeling.  But oh my gosh, all the good smaller sized clothes fit!  LOL!  I knew weight would start coming back.  I'd heard and read about diabetics struggling with weight gain.  I wasn't too worried about it for that first year because I was just trying to navigate my new life situation, finding foods that were okay for me to eat.  I had hopes that because I was eating less and eating healthier than ever before, maybe my weight would come back slowly and in a more healthy way.
Ha, nope!  I very quickly started packing the lost pounds back on.  I can tell it's all coming back as fat, not as the muscle I've lost.  It's coming back in different places than it was before.  I've had to go back to my fat clothes.  But I avoid scales.  I know the weight is back.  I don't need some gadget reminding me.  But then a few nights ago I had a dream about it, and the weight in my dream was more than I thought I currently was.  So yesterday I did finally step on the scale.  And I'm back to 200 pounds.
I know insulin is part of the problem but I can't just sit back and shrug it off like there's nothing I can do about it.  I do eat healthier foods now but I indulge in them too much.  Nuts are my weakness.  They're low carb, great snack for me, but they're also very high in calories.  I eat waaaaaaay to many because, hey, they're low carb!  So now I have to get serious about my food choices and find some low carb, low calorie things that I will eat.  I am not at all adventurous when it comes to food.  It needs to be quick and simple for me.  I guess I need to keep more fresh veggies to snack on, and get the nuts out of here.
And this is where I'll drift into something sort of related, sort of not.  I saw an article online recently about all the woke people, all the social justice warriors getting riled up about some social media dude saying we shouldn't glorify obesity.  He reminded people that obesity is unhealthy.  He's right!  I've thought this all along!  But the Offended By Everything people came after him with their rakes and pitchforks, screaming about body shaming.  Um, no.  He wasn't saying 'Oh, Susie Smith is fat!  I don't want to see that!'  He was saying it's unhealthy and we should remember that.  No, people don't choose to be fat and it's not easy to lose weight, and we don't need to only keep rail thin models on TV, but more and more TV, commercials, ads seem to be glorifying bigger and bigger people in the whole 'anti body shaming' movement.  It's a difficult and sensitive area to navigate, I know, but I do agree that we shouldn't forget obesity is unhealthy.
We all have opinions on this, I know.  I don't need anyone attacking me in the comments.  This guy was expressing his own opinion too.  He wasn't attacking anyone.  But today's hyper sensitive 'what should we fight today' flocks don't stop to think about that.  "He called someone fat!  Get him!"  It makes me mad, and it makes me sad that we've come to this.  And my argument with this isn't even as much about the weight thing as it is the social justice warriors who don't stop to think.
So yes, I am fat again.  I don't like it.  I know it's unhealthy and I need to do something about it.  And you won't find me prancing around in public in too tight or skimpy clothing because society says I still look great.  Nope.

I'm almost afraid to even post this.  So let's end this on a less controversial note . . . 
As mentioned yesterday, here is my Valentines decor.  As usual, the buffet is where most of my decorating happens.  I do have a couple pink-red-white kitchen towels, and I have another jar like that pink one on the right, only it's a purple one, but other than that, this is it.  lol  Simple and cute and super easy to set out and pack away.  Perfect!

Time for me to go figure out what I'll do today, so I'll leave you here.  Hopefully I have not upset anyone with this post.  That was not my intention.  Just, please, stop and consider things before you get all high and mighty out there.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Feb. 1 - February Already?!

February!  Crazy.  However, I do feel like it's okay to be totally craving spring now.  It's like you just need to be in full winter mode for January, but after that . . . c'mon spring!  Well, definitely not springlike here today.  It's 2 degrees as I write this, wind chill of -12.  It's supposed to get up to 20 today though, which is nearly three times warmer than it was yesterday.  I'll take it!

Yesterday was Ignoring Adulting day again for me, and I'm happy to report that I succeeded!  I got the free version of that game going on my computer (finally!) and had fun playing that in the morning, until Minion decided it was his time in my chair.  So I switched to working on the puzzle for the the afternoon.  I had lunch and watched Y&R, then turned true crime shows on and happily ignored everything else to just work on the wonderful, stress relieving jigsaw puzzle.  When Hubby got home from work we had burgers and beans for supper, then played our wizard game for a bit.  He ended up going to bed early though because he's been working overtime for weeks now, so I switched back to that free game for the rest of my evening.  Quite a lovely day, if I don't think about the things I could have, should have, would have gotten done.
I have several things I need to do this morning.  Being the first of the month, there are things like changing the filter in our Brita pitcher, flushing yeast down the toilet for the septic system.  I also change the theme of our Etsy shop and Achy Joints Creations FB page, as well as this blog.  I actually have most of that done already because I woke up when I heard Hubby leaving for work at 4:30am, and decided to just get up myself.  I do have to get a couple packages ready for sending and get those down to the mailbox.  And Wednesday is laundry day, so there is that to do as well.  Sunday and Wednesday are laundry days for me.  I find it easier to keep on top of it that way instead of waiting until there is a ton of it.  Plus, we just don't have a lot of clothes so it's often just necessity to do it.  It makes me cringe when I see people let laundry pile up because they have tons and tons of clothes and 'don't need' to do it yet, then whine and cry about how much there is.

But now we're ranting, and we don't want to be in a ranting mood this morning.

So, I will go get things done quick and then hopefully settle in for more of that free version game the rest of the morning.  Woot!

Oh, and I have to get my super minimal Valentines decorations out.  I think I have all of, what, two things that sit on the buffet . . . ?  I'll try to have a pic of it for tomorrow's post.  lol

Do you have a list of 1st of the month things that you do?
Do you have so many clothes that your laundry can pile up for a couple weeks?
Are you looking forward to spring now, or still accepting that it's actually winter?